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The Golden Boot website redesign

The Golden Boot website redesign

The Golden Boot is a progressive footwear retailer in Maidstone.

During the last two years, the purely informative 7 page website with seldom visitors has grown into a highly visited online store with over 3000 items available for purchase online.

The old homepage was no longer able to cope with the stream of information and
updates efficiently, which generated the need for a complete redesign. The new homepage was designed to integrate with the online store and the blog to provide visitors with multiple entry points to the information and the products on the website.

An expandable questions and answers platform was developed to give visitors full information about the services and products on offer.

The Golden Boot


The home page was designed to give visitors quick access to the products and updates while retaining the fashionable look. For that puprose, a photoshoot featuring the products from key brands was organised.

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