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Back Office Automation for The Golden Boot

Back Office Automation for The Golden Boot

This is a selection of tools I have programmed for The Golden Boot to save the time spent on routine everyday tasks.

The web order handling panel

  • Orders are searchable by any variable from order id to surname to shipping or billing country.
  • Orders have statuses ie new / awaiting payment / printed / confirmed / paid and despatched
  • Option to show just new orders ready for processing
  • Print filing and packing slips for multiple orders in 1 step
  • Load multiple orders to shipping courier in one step, including delivery instructions
  • Send confirmation, refund, replacement and no stock emails automatically
  • Automatic follow up emails on all orders after 2 weeks to ask customers for feedback
  • Staff can add notes to each individual order that can then be picked up by a different member of the team
  • Return reason reporting to pick up on any trends
  • Tracking number is stored for easy retrieval (instead of looking through hundreds of post office receipts for international orders)
  • Checkboxes to track the processing of the order and identify how it was paid and whether it was sent by post or courier etc.

Web orders panel

Packing slip with returns info and sticky address label
Packing slip

Pre-filled email templates

Customer Database Automated Emailing Tool
This tool offers easy customer filtering and emailing by what they bought in which department by keyword and date allowing very targeted email campaigns.

  • Instore and online customers merging tool
  • Department, product and date filters
  • Support of multiple emails / templates 
  • Email campaign preview
  • Built in tracking of emails opened by customers
  • Integrated unsubscribe feature
  • Integrated email delay preference that customers can specify and they will not be emailed twice within the specified timeframe.

Email control panel

Email campaign preview

Subscribe/unsubscribe page


Website Addons

 360 degree photography hardware and software system for automated shooting, proscessing, upload, playback and product assignment.

  • Wifi enabled turntable/camera setup
  • Batch processing and resizing of incoming images
  • Batch upload to the website for further processing, product thumbnail generation and assignment of 360 degree photography to individual products
  • Widget now supports zoom

360 degree product photography

Product monitoring and control panel for easy cleanup of product photography on products that are no longer available
360 cleanup 

Reporting of most wanted out of stock items by style name and size



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